Two Routes for making Glass Ceramic Microspheres


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Two Routes for making Glass Ceramic Microspheres


Semicrystalline microspheres are generally easily obtained from petrurgical processes, ie crystallization from a melted composition when cooling velocity and oxide compositions are unable to yield total vitrification. However,
when glass ceramics are obtained by annealing a easily vitrified glass composition, the rounding of crushed microparticles through a flame might give place to melting and destroying the obtained crystals. Glass microspheres also
could be annealed in order to yield nucleation and growth. However, they might be sintering instead of preserving their original spheric morpohology. In the present work, two routes are proposed for yielding glass ceramics
microspheres in the SiO2-CaO-Fe2O3 system: (1) rounding the glass ceramic crushed particles without melting them and (2) annealing glass microspheres, at time and temperature conditions that allow relevant nucleation-growth and reduced sintering kinetics.


glass-ceramics, microspheres, TTT, sintering


congreso 6 RIPT, 2013, Limoges, Francia


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Thierry Poirier, Gustavo Rosales



Thierry Poirier, Gustavo Rosales, “Two Routes for making Glass Ceramic Microspheres ,”, consulta 20 de marzo de 2019,